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Cayenne Flooring is a leading flooring company that offers efficient flooring services to our customers at an affordable cost. Our devotion and promise to consumers, workers and sellers have made us a marketplace leader in the flooring industry we serve. Cayenne Flooring prides itself on being a service business.Cayenne Flooring is a specialist flooring company that offers all types of flooring merchandise and services to both the residential and commercial markets. The flooring company boasts a wealthy history and the immense reputation of offering the most excellent, flawless flooring systems such as quartz, epoxy, etc., to chemical, food processing, industrial and warehouse facilities in the region of the Midwest. The employees and the administration of the Cayenne Flooring will join the JLF group which will establish to vigorously sell quartz and epoxy floors to their customers at reasonable prices.

Cayenne Flooring is dedicated to representing, preserving and selling the top quality products in the floor industry. As one among major hardwood flooring distributors in the country, we stand for many diverse brands of hardwood flooring. From conventional red oak, to African Wenge, and from band to parquet, plank, engineered, and hardwood, Cayenne Flooring can convince any demands of the customer. With many dissimilar patterns of sheet vinyl, Cayenne Flooring offers a color and style for each application or décor. The Resilient Division as well contains a comprehensive package of business products containing Vinyl composition tile, rubber floor covering, and cove support. They offer vast service experiences to their consumers.

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