Major Health Challenges in the Africa

Major Health Challenges in the Africa

One just can’t deny the fact that the Africa has the most dangerous and severe public health challenges in the whole world. The issues are getting worse, instead of getting reduced, by each passing day. WHO claims that the Africa has the most dramatic public heath crisis.

Health Issues in Africa

Today, there are many modern and high quality medical devices and services are getting invented but what if we left a large part of our world on their own fate. Africans need attention and relief funds in order to live their life without diseases like rest of the world.

There are many kinds of diseases in Africa which are killing millions of Africans every year. Some of those massacre diseases are being listed here in this post.

Challenging Health Issues in the Africa

1. Malaria

Malaria in Africa

Non-Africans think that Malaria has now evolved from the world but that is not the case. You won’t believe the fact that more than 90% cases of the malaria worldwide occurs in the Africa. WHO (World Health Organization) has estimated that around 300-500 million people die due to Malaria in Africa only which is 90% of the worldwide death due to malaria.

Out of these 300-500 million people, maximum are children and that too below the age of 5 years. It is quite saddening.


AIDS in Africa

WHO (World Health Organization) claims that more than 60% of the African population is infected with HIV/AIDS. Children are dying due to Malaria and most adults due to this HIV and AIDS.

According to a data, in December 2005, there were 810,000 active cases of infections of HIV/AIDS in the Africa which was 100,000 in December 2003. Means, it rose upto 8 times in 2 years.

HIV/AIDS cases are going up exponentially but treatments are not able to reach at the proper time.

3. Polio

Polio in Africa

However, Polio is not so crucial in the Africa as compared to the Malaria but still there are many health issues related to the Polio.

WHO claims that the death rate due to Polio has been reduced by 50% from 1999 till now which is a great milestone. In 2005, there were 75 million children who received the vaccines of Polio.

4. River Blindness

River Blindness in Africa

Since 1986, cases of River Blindness has been reduced by 97%. Recently the River Blindness has been removed from the list of public health problems in Africa.

Now, River Blindness rate is 1 among 10000 people which is again a milestone in the African health sector.


Africans not only need some external support in order to live a disease-free life but also education related to prevention of those diseases and better sanitation facilities.

However, there has been a lot of improvements as compared to the 90’s. Death rates has been reduced significantly but, still, there are some diseases that everyone should worry about.

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